LinkedIn Layoffs: free mentoring for affected engineers and managers

I’m sorry to hear about all the layoffs today. I’ve been through that more than once in my career, and it is crushing.

Once the shock wears off, it just feels…depressing. Please take some time and digest the situation, and reflect on your many accomplishments and the many lives who have been brightened by your presence.

To engineers and managers affected: please sign up for the Problem Solvers Digest at this link. It’s a free weekly mentoring session on problem-solving, systems thinking, mindset, and other skills that will set you apart in a crowded job market (increasingly shaped by AI).

And managers–this is all oriented toward developers, but if you want to be positioned to help your new team succeed, hop in and see what it’s all about.

For ex-LinkedIn folks subscribed, I will set up a free, live zoom session with some extra mentoring and Q&A. Welcome!

Problem Solvers Digest

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