Excerpt from the full course AI 101.

The acronym SCRIBE shows how to craft strong prompts for generative AI.

If you craft a prompt using the skills and background knowledge that only you can put together, you’ll an answer that only you can receive.

S and C stand for SPECIFIC and CLEAR. Use good writing skills to say exactly what you mean, in a way that won’t be misunderstood.

R is for ROLE. Many models are trained to respond to being assigned a role in the prompt, for example “You are a world class marketing advisor…”

I is for INTRODUCTION. Take the time to set the stage for your request, including any helpful data, examples, or assumptions.

B is for BLOCKS. Think about ways to re-use a prompt; organize longer ones into blocks, using whitespace or characters like { and } to separate the parts that change from the parts that don’t. In time you’ll assemble a personal library of useful prompts.

E is for the END-RESULT. Conclude the prompt with a (Specific! Clear!) request for how you want the data returned–a list of fifteen things, a table with the following columns, JSON data, etc.

This is just a taste. There are many other more advanced prompting techniques for those who progress past the beginner stage. Much more is available in the full AI 101 training. Get more info below.

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