Why ‘Preview’ may become the most important MacOS AI app

Preview is one of those apps that people use all the time without really thinking about it. “Hey, what’s that file?” Click. “Ah, OK.” MacOS already handles this better than Linux or Windows.

So the ability to summarize a document would be a huge force-multiplier for Preview.

Some of the biggest uses of Generative AI will not be huge flashy apps, but rather everyday services that fade into the background. Apple is known for taking its time to get a feature right before release. (See, copy & paste on iOS for example.) So I’m looking forward to seeing what they come out with.

[Yes, I realize there is a difference between the Preview app, and the preview action that you get when tapping the spacebar with a file highlighted in Finder. The underlying technology is the same, so I’m lumping them together for this discussion.]

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