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I’ve often wondered how much more productive I would be with a dedicated assistant. In the corporate world, I never managed to convince anyone to assign a full-time employee to me. Now, the point is (almost) moot.

Those who make effective use of this new technology will have a decisive edge over those who don’t.

But right now … and how do I put this delicately? … there are lots of stories of people failing to understand the underpinnings of the technology, and as a result getting into trouble.

Understanding how this technology works — without delving into complex mathematics or code — is as transformational as “getting online” was in the age of AOL and dial-up modems. Can you imagine getting through a work day without the Internet? Generative AI is the new Internet.

For a limited time, I’m offering FREE zoom sessions with business professionals to go through the 30 minute version of this course. Based on reactions, I’m amplifying the parts of the training that resonate the best, and jettisoning of the parts that don’t. Win-win.

Mastering Generative AI is as transformational as “getting online” was in the age of AOL.

Do you worry about this? Read on…

Dateline, May 2023:
lawyers in a personal injury case are in a hurry to complete a brief. They’ve been hearing about this “ChatGPT” so they give it a whirl. In a blink, the chatbot comes up with a long list of legal citations that the lawyer delightedly pastes into his legal brief. The lawyer even asks the computer whether these references are real, and it says “yes”…

Dateline, June 2023: A New York judge imposed sanctions of $5000 on two lawyers and their firm, for submitting a legal briefing containing completely made-up citations.

“We made a good faith mistake in failing to believe that a piece of technology could be making up cases out of whole cloth,” the firm’s statement said.

We all need better AI Literacy.

AI is affecting our lives more than ever. Understanding it and working with it will be a quintessential 21st century skill. Are you putting it to use? Or do you hold back in fear due to stories like this one? If so, you may be missing out on one of the most powerful and transformative tools ever invented.

For a limited time I am offering a FREE 30 minute consultation to AI-curious folks to ask an expert anything about language models and how to apply them. I will have questions for you too…I want to understand the best ways to provide transformative value through training to make you into a confident user of these “large language model” tools.

(In other words, you can get a first look at this training course with a live instructor–customized for your needs! No math or coding skills required.)

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I came across this stat from the World Economic Forum: By 2030, AI is expected to add $15.7 trillion to global GDP.

I can’t wrap my head around that number as-is, so here’s another way to think of it. It’s almost $2000 a year per person, given the estimated population by that date.

And that’s an average. Those who understand the technology should do much better than average, and with sooner results. The WEF calls this AI Literacy, and it’s a one of the most productive things professionals can learn in 2023.

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