Free Webinar: Career advice in the age of AI

Join M.Joel Dubinko for a FREE webinar on Career Advice in the Age of AI. Layoffs are on the rise again, especially in the tech sector. This destructive form of social contagion is likely to get even more common in the future.

M.Joel Dubinko has been mentoring software engineers for decades. This is your opportunity to get hands-on advice directly from the source. Nothing to sell, just advice, including:

  • How to cope with dramatic change
  • This biggest mistake software engineers make in career planning
  • How to develop a “second brain”
  • How to effortlessly shift perspectives to gain 80 IQ points

Friday, Feb 23. 4pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific. Duration: about 1 hr

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Update: Event concluded. Thank you all for your support! Meeting notes and further discussion are happening on the free Problem Solvers Digest. Want more events like this? Let me know!

3 responses to “Free Webinar: Career advice in the age of AI”

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  2. Joel Bender Avatar

    Please include advice for the over 60 crowd that started out in AI before the first winter!

  3. Vinay Madan Avatar
    Vinay Madan

    I am interested